2016 Main Street Iowa Challenge Grant Available

2016 Main Street Iowa Challenge Grant Available

2016 Main Street Iowa Challenge Grants Available


IEDA and Main Street Iowa are pleased to once again offer bricks and mortar Challenge Grants to our communities.  $925,000 will be awarded for building rehabilitation projects for commercial projects within the designated Main Street Iowa districts.


Grants will range from $15,000 – $75,000 and require a dollar for dollar (1:1)CASH match.  The application process and project eligibility are very similar to previous grant rounds.  Eligible projects include, but are not limited to, building rehabilitation projects – interior and exterior, new construction and sensitive building additions.  More information and details are provided in the project description details.

Program Highlights:


–        APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 30, 2016 11:59PM

–        Each community/program can apply for ONE grant (Same as previous years)

–        Grants will be submitted on Iowa Grants.  Paper applications will NOT be accepted.  No exceptions.

–        Late applications will not be accepted.

–        Minimum Grant amount = $15,000.  Maximum = $75,000  (Same as previous years)

–        All grants require a dollar for dollar (1:1) CASH match.  (Same are previous years)

–        Multiple property projects are still eligible.  EACH project must meet the minimum grant amount ($15,000) Projects need a common connection or theme.

–        Local Main Street Programs are the actual applicants, on behalf of a local project.  (contact:  director@mainstreetcenterville.com )

–        Grant announcements are planned for mid-November.  Exact date and time to be determined.