2016 Main Street Iowa Market Analysis Services Community Site Visit #1 is set for August 24th

2016 Main Street Iowa Market Analysis Services Community Site Visit #1 is set for August 24th

The MSI Team will make a full-day site visit to conduct a community tour and a four-part work session with local project team. This phase begins the process of technical assistance, provides orientation and assistance to each recipient to assess current conditions and efforts, and provides training and instructions for the completion the primary research (surveys) component of the project.

 Community Tour: Conduct an on-site visual assessment of the Main Street target area and surrounding region to observe current conditions, features and competitive factors relevant to each district’s business climate, business mix, residential market, occupancy rates, and potential business development and marketing efforts.

 Four Part Workshop (Full Project Team):

Part One: On-site orientation to review and discuss the process and schedule, including the roles and responsibilities of the local project team and the specific nature of technical assistance to be provided by the MSI team.

Part Two: Review the Market Snapshot document prepared per Phase 1A to identify trends in the marketplace, including conditions or trends that might be explored in more depth during the primary research phase.

Part Three: Introduce and review the Market Study report template and discuss, specifically, content to be prepared by the local project team and integrated in the document’s Community Profile section, which will serve as an introduction to the community’s Market Study Report.

Part Four: Provide training and help the local project team prepare for the performance of primary research (surveys), including the preparation of questionnaires and the conduct of business and consumer surveys.


Our Site two visit is scheduled for October 12, 2016